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Explore' is the first phase in the AFC story and focuses on discovering what you want and what interests you. In this way, we try to guide you in your interest development, which you can explore further in the next phase at AFC, namely 'Learn'.  

First of all, students interested in entrepreneurship can come to us and we help them discover what is going on in this innovative, creative and vibrant world. Throughout the year we organize events where you can come and listen to the stories of young and more experienced entrepreneurs. Our events can also be useful for students who already have a little more experience; after all, they can take part in workshops, listen to the advice of top entrepreneurs, expand their network, etc.

In addition, our events cover a wide range of topics, so that at the end of the academic year no one will be left hungry. For example, there will be an event aimed at female students where top women will share their experiences with interesting 'tips & tricks'. Or students can get an edge on the labour market by means of another event. Take a look at the different events below to find out which one appeals to you the most.

Also check our Facebook page or Instagram regularly to stay informed about all our events and who knows, we might see you there!

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