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Events is one of AFC's major pillars. We at AFC-Ghent want to give students the opportunity to further discover, broaden and deepen their field of interest. Well-known companies, small start-ups and entrepreneurs come into contact with motivated students who have a lot to offer.

Events is the first bridge between academia and business to make this step easier for students. Last year, AFC-Ghent gave a great start with events such as 'From product to experience', 'Young entrepreneurs' and 'The future of'. Each of these events was fully booked with an average of 150 students per session! This year we will go for no less!

We continue the line with hot topics like 'From Linear To Circular', 'Investing In The Future' and much more. Although the events have a well-defined theme, we keep the possibility of sectors as broad as possible (From more technical companies, to banks and consultancy). Guest speakers are carefully chosen to ensure that everyone in our audience is captivated by the event.

The absolute goal of events is to bring students closer to companies. During and after the event, students can discover which sectors and organisations are close to their hearts. Behind each event a network reception is organised. At this reception, in a pleasant setting, students can already start a first conversation with the guest speaker or any recruiters from the company they are interested in.

All this combined with a snack and a drink offered by us. Furthermore, our events are the ideal signboard for AFC-Ghent, here students get to know us and vice versa. When interested in a subject or company, students can move on to the various workshops or consultancy projects offered by our other branches.

Three events are organised per semester. Although the events always try to attract as many students as possible, we try to think beyond the traditional guest speaker - student event. During some of our events we will integrate debates between different speakers into classical speaking. Also, small workshop moments can be integrated into the event.

The dates of the first two events of the first semester are already fixed and the week before the third event as well. Below you will find the planning for these events:

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