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AFC Projects offers students the unique opportunity to work as a real consultant. Led by professional consultancy partners, the students work on a real case and try to offer an implementable solution to the company that has a problem.

In the first semester we offer a fun and interesting workshop track related to the approach and solving of a case and you will learn how to work best as a consultant. This track ends with a nice business case in which you can apply all the gained knowledge in practice.

In the second semester 2 unique projects will follow, which will be fully developed over a period of 10 weeks in a team and led by professional consultancy partners. Interim coaching sessions, presentations and the necessary adjustments result in a complete and truly implementable solution for the company.

Course of the project

Week 1

Meeting with client and consultancy partner

Week 2

Workshop/coaching session led by consultancy partner

Week 3

Workshop/coaching session led by consultancy partner

Week 5

Interim presentation to the client and adjustment by consultancy partner

Week 10

Final presentation for the client

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