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Events organized by AFC Leuven

Explore' is the first phase in the AFC story and focuses on discovering what you want and what interests you. In this way, we try to guide you in your interest development, which you can explore further in the next phase at AFC, namely 'Learn'.  

First of all, students interested in entrepreneurship can come to us and we help them discover what is going on in this innovative, creative and vibrant world. Throughout the year we organize events where you can come and listen to the stories of young and more experienced entrepreneurs. Our events can also be useful for students who already have a little more experience; after all, they can take part in workshops, listen to the advice of top entrepreneurs, expand their network, etc.

In addition, our events cover a wide range of topics, so that at the end of the academic year no one will be left hungry. For example, there will be an event aimed at female students where top women will share their experiences with interesting 'tips & tricks'. Or students can get an edge on the labour market by means of another event. Take a look at the different events below to find out which one appeals to you the most.

Consultancy Challenges in 2020

The consultancy sector is one of the largest sectors that adapt itself continueously to the current business climate. That's why they  face a lot of challenges like adopting to rapidly changing technology or attracting new cliens. In addition, they need to adapt to unforeseen circumstances such as COVID-19. As a student it is not always as easy to get a clear view of the challenges that consultancy companies are currently facing . This is exaclty the reason why AFC has invited trhee of the largest consultancy firms to tell us which challenges their organization is facing in the year 2020, how they are tackling this and what the impact is on their employees and clients. So this event is  is an absolute must for students interested in a future in the consultancy sector. After the event there will also be networking opportunities with the present hostspeakers on a reception 

Student Entrepreneurship Week

This year AFC, Ekonomika and VTK are joining forces by participating in the Entrepreneur's Week. This week will consist of three fun events where you will be inspired, but also get the chance to roll up your sleeves yourself. More information about these events will follow later.

International careers

A career can be approached in different ways and is unique for everyone. The passion to travel around the world for your job can have a big impact on the further course of your carreer or life. At this event you will have the opportunity to listen to individuals who have made this happen before you. They will tell you about their most interesting abroad expierences and about how this international carrier wasn't only enlightening for their carreers, but also for themselfs.  Youll also be introduced to the different challenges and the possible cultural differences between the continents. In addition, we'll give some companies that can offer you these opportunities, some time to convince you. If an international career has always been appealing to you and you're curious about what to expect, grab this opportunity and come with us on a  mental trip from Asia to America on our 'International Carreers' event. 

Also check the website or Facebook page regularly to stay informed of all our events and who knows, we might see you there!