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The Experience branch is the perfect place for students to really put academic knowledge into practice by getting to work themselves. For example, AFC offers the opportunity to participate in a Student Consulting project or you can get a taste of entrepreneurship through an internship together with startup during the summer.

HOW TO APPLY FOr this Semester's Projects?

The registrations are closed for this semester. Next semester there will be new projects.

Student Consulting


With a Student Consulting project you can further develop your skills through creative and quality projects for companies in various sectors. As a student you get the chance to get a taste of life as a consultant during 10 weeks in multidisciplinary teams of 5 people, by tackling a business problem and formulating advice.

Professional guidance and an adapted short training course consisting of several workshops will ensure that your team is able to complete the project successfully. The result is a satisfied company with an implementable solution and 5 satisfied students with an improved and comprehensive skillset.

In addition to the hard work, there is also time for fun during the various team building sessions and the member party!

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Testimonials or students

"As a student of civil engineering, you often look at everything in a theoretical and technical way, but the socioeconomic level and smooth teamwork are often lacking in the training. In this intense 10-week project, together with a motivated team of students, we tasted the world of consultancy. Also in workshops given by people with effective knowledge of this world, as an inexperienced student you learn a lot from "Maarten , Project ABFT

"A project at AFC? The place to be for an instructive and unforgettable experience in a pleasant and stimulating environment" - Project Flexpack

"This project was a giant leap forward for me as the experience taught me a lot about working on projects in a team and applying theory in practice. I stepped outside of my comfort zone and by doing so I expanded my knowledge on software technology and its applications on future business models. A truly enriching experience I recommend to master students interested in gaining practical experience for consulting projects. - Björn, Project SCIA

"My experience at AFC is converting your theoretical knowledge into 'the real world' in a pleasant and fun setting. Here you get the chance to work on a wide variety of projects and give your professional side a nice push". - Björn, Project Cera

Testimonials of companies

Great experience! Motivated students! Great cooperation! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!


Good group of students willing to help and improve the current situation of our company. They came with a well presented powerpoint and end-solution.

- OHL 19-20

"I am very impressed by the results, the level of professionalism and the outcome in just a few weeks time! Thank you to all the team!"


"Due to their creative approach and continuous devotion, the AFC team realized results that exceeded our expectations. We would enthusiastically embrace a follow-up project"

-E. De Vos, Supply Chain Manager, Air products

previous PROJECTS

Student consulting has its reputation for bringing big names from the industry to the students. Since 2007 we give students the opportunity to expand their network by bringing them in contact with not only big, innovative multinationals but also with smaller companies that want fresh insights from university students.

In 2018, the Airproducts team even won the award of Best Project of Europe by JE Europe, which shows that a team of 5 motivated students can accomplish a lot in 10 weeks.




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Comsof is the world leader in creating intelligent network planning and design software for telecom and energy networks (fiber, district heating, power grids). Founded in Ghent as a spinoff of the University in 1998, it has more than 20 years of experience and has deployed its solutions in over 50 countries. In 2016, an office in Toronto (Canada) was started to explore the North American market.

In this project, there are 2 possible tracks that can be explored. One is to do an elaborated market research on the future needs and use cases of power distribution network operators (a new market for Comsof) and how Comsof technology can fit into these needs. The second track is to benchmark Comsof's internal processes and organisation against similar companies and provide recommendations for possible improvements. This includes topics like optimising the client relationship (sales versus account management) in an internal and highly technical environment and defining an organisation with a split of responsibilities on global level and on local level (in Belgium and in Toronto).

This project will be in English.



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DataCamp is a company that makes it easy to build data science and analytics skills at your own pace with interactive courses, expert instruction from the world's best data scientists and real-time feedback. Designed for every stage of your career, DataCamp is available on demand when you need to build or deepen your data skills.

It remains a regrettable fact that in the world of programming there are (significantly) fewer women than men at work. DataCamp wants to know why this is the case. Don't they get through the applications, or are there simply not enough applications? This is what you and your team members are going to find out!

DataCamp is also certainly open to atypical recruitment, as the company made the news in 2016 when they wanted to pick students from the auditoriums in exchange for 15,000 euros. It also sponsored several courses. Do you have these kinds of unusual ideas yourself, and are your interests in IT and computer science? Then don't hesitate and register, because this project is definitely something for you!

This project will be in Dutch.

Marketing, Strategy


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FedEx is an international courier company founded in 1971. It is engaged in the delivery of goods to businesses and consumers. It goes without saying that such a large company as FedEx collects a huge amount of data. And this is exactly what AFC Leuven is all about.  

In concrete terms, you and your team members are expected to map out the market distribution on the basis of the given data, more specifically FedEx's position in this. In this way, you can look for solutions and improvements as a team. For example, how would you deal with the Christmas period, Black Friday, ... ? In this project you will largely look for ways to optimize business-to-consumer sales.  

Do you feel called to carry out this project? Are you ready for the unique experience AFC can offer you? Then don't hesitate and sign up!

This project will be in Dutch/English depending on the selected students.


IP Building

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IPBuilding is an internationally active Belgian company specialized in the development of applications for Smart Homes, Smart Building and Smart Care. The company has more than 10 years of experience in the research, development and production of the hardware and associated software to equip homes and buildings intelligently.  

Currently, the company places a separate server in each home or office that controls the local systems. The goal of this project is to see how IP Building can move to a cloud structure for data storage with the aim of centralizing and simplifying the maintenance of the software. Another goal is to move from a sales model to a licensing model. So it is investigated which structure would be best for the company and how this structure can be implemented.

Do you have a strong knowledge of cloud computing and database architecture? Someone who feels at home in the Internet or Things and is up to date with current technology trends? Then this project offers you an opportunity to apply that knowledge in a practical environment. So be sure to register!

This project will be in Dutch.


KBC Group: Omnia Travel

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As part of the KBC Group, Omnia Travel is a travel agency for both holiday and business travel. The corona crisis makes it clear that the current reimbursement model for business travel is no longer functioning optimally. Travel agencies have spent a lot of time helping clients with repatriation, rebooking, cancellations and refunds without receiving proper compensation.  

The project investigates whether other remuneration models for business travel are possible, which are commercially viable and which can safeguard Omnia Travel's income. These remuneration models are situated in post-corona times, around 2025-2030, and should be robust for the future. A recommendation and action plan will then be drawn up, which Omnia Travel will be able to implement.

Are you interested in finance? Are you someone who likes to come up with creative solutions? Someone who dares to question the status quo? Then this project is definitely for you!

This project will be in Dutch.

Strategy, HR

Lemon Companies

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Lemon companies specializes in designing, developing and maintaining custom software solutions for customers. Since their inception in 2015, the company has experienced tremendous growth, which was also reflected in winning the 'most promising starter' award in 2017 and a nomination for 'scale-up of the year' in 2018. Meanwhile, the company is well established in its sector and has started to invest in other start-ups, bringing them together in one group under the name of Road 21.

This project maps the customer process and looks at how this can be automated in existing tools. Next, advisory boards will be set up that will assist the various companies in the group. Finally, the organisation of teambuildings is planned for the group in order to strengthen the "community feel".

Do you want to help a scale-up grow into a strong group? Do you have a strategic view and do you know what is important in a group? Then this project is definitely something for you!

This project will be in Dutch.

Life Science


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Do you want to fix your teeth in a project where you can really make a difference? Then Purbright's project is ideal. Purbright is a young, innovative startup that is busy bringing a revolutionary product to the market. They want to neutralise the smell of animal droppings and use them to stimulate plant growth in the domestic environment.

A mixture of creativity and research is at stake here. The project is very versatile and ranges from R&D to brainstorming about additional features.

This project will be in Dutch.

Go-to-market plan, Life Science


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Sterigenics specialises in sterilisation of all kinds of things, from medical equipment to food. In their current range 4 different sterilisation methods are used. However, this world leader in sterilisation wants to expand its range. Which technique that would be, will be developed during the studentconsulting project. This technique will be selected on the basis of a market study, application of these techniques in the business environment, possible financial support and marketing possibilities.  

Are you looking for a challenge in a business-technical environment? Are you eager to learn a lot in a short time? Then this project is ideal! The comprehensive approach ensures that everyone can do his or her bit, but at the same time can also learn a lot.

This project will be in Dutch.